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What we do

We are, first and foremost, a co-ed pre-medical interest group for undergraduate students at the University of California, Berkeley. Within the society, we have a brotherhood between members who share a common goal of entering the medical field. Members receive exclusive access to lectures and advice from accomplished guest speakers, including members of the admission board of medical schools, and to a network of Phi Chi alumni and supporters for informative and career-seeking purposes. Aside from the academic benefits, we are also members of a brotherhood – we help students form relationships with each other and within the pre-medical undergraduate population through collaboration with groups of similar interests on campus.

Mission Statement

To provide a forum wherein physicians and students of medicine may come together, to their mutual benefit, in a brotherhood seeking the development of the higher qualities of medicine; of nobler impulses of heart; of more profound scholastic achievement; of devotion to the art and science of medicine; and of a communion of kindred hearts pledged to support each other in times of joy, as well as adversity.


For 122 years, Phi Chi Society has been one of the oldest international medical fraternities with chapters in graduate schools in five countries. However, at Berkeley, we are the premier undergraduate pre-medical society to exist within the fraternity. With the assistance of the international Phi Chi network, the Berkeley chapter of Phi Chi will redefine both the international graduate society and the expectations of pre-medical societies in the undergraduate divisions. It is both an honor and a privilege to experience history in the making first-hand.


Membership Application


We will be on Sproul during Calapalooza and every day from 9AM-3:30PM to answer any questions once school begins! Email any questions or concerns to our Social Chair, Abena BakenRa, at phichi.social@gmail.com

We look forward to meeting you!

Detailed Schedule

Monday, February 3rd: MEET THE CHAPTER
Learn about our organization and our goal to provide support and guidance for all of our members.
Barrows 60 | 8PM
Attire: Business Casual

Tuesday, February 4th: MEMBER SPOTLIGHT
Join us for a night of pizza and mingling as you learn about our brothers’ personal experiences and diverse interests at Cal.
Dwinelle 223 | 8PM
Attire: Casual

Wednesday, February 5th: SPEED INTERVIEWS
Sit down with each of our actives in a personal setting as you get to know each other through a series of fun and fast-paced questions.
Barrows 175 | 8PM
Attire: Business Casual

Thursday, February 6th: GAME NIGHT
Come out and enjoy fun games with actives and fellow rushees on our last day of rush!
Invite Only | 8PM
Attire: Casual

Saturday, February 8th & Sunday, February 9th: INTERVIEWS
Invite Only
Attire: Business Professional


A huge congratulations to the bby Xi Class xigotes for crossing! It’s been a challenging semester, but we are proud to have you all as our newest members!

Posted by Berkeley Phi Chi on Saturday, November 25, 2017

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